Studio Killers, an Internet Phenomenon

Studio Killers, listen and subsribe.

Architects of music and vibrant animation, comprised of fictional characters, Cherry, Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink.

Homegrown all the way, Studio Killers is an unlikely seed of pop magic. Capturing hearts with their infectious electronic music & visual delights since 2011.

Their first single ‘Ode to the Bouncer’ knocked down the door and rode high in the European charts, before grabbing the no.1 airplay and sales position in the Netherlands in 2012. Their first album was self-released globally on Studio Killers Records in June 2013 & rose to no.1 on the US and Canadian iTunes dance charts. Without major label backing or promotion, the album reached an impressive no.16 on the US combined album chart.

The hidden gem on the album ‘Jenny’ proved an unlikely YouTube success when the music video was released 2 years later, with Cherry confessing her love for her best friend Jenny in the video, and grabbing over 150 million views to date. 

Journey with them to uncover a universe of magnificent audio visual adventures.

Studio Killers are an internet phenomenon.